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Funereal Moon is an entity, a dark spirit lurker of the shadows, created to devour dreams and transform your most terrible nightmares in a sound that seems coming from the most profound cavities of the earth.

From the ashes of Leteo in 1993 (whose only demo “Prayer of The Crystal Tablet of Beli” is now a cult masterpiece and a collector treasure for the band followers worldwide) and the vision of Impureh Ehiyeh the voyage of Funereal Moon begins combining elements of terror soundtrack sounds/ effects and the darkest ambient music along morbid doom, grim black metal and dark heavy metal calling this style “Funereal Metal“ to distinguish the band from the hordes of black metal clones and posers worldwide. The first demo is recorded and titled “In the Shadows” by 1994 while placing Funereal Moon as one of the pioneers of the dark synth experimental black metal style around the scene.

Enter Dárvula (vocals) in the demo “Silent Night of Full Moon Shine” by 1995 adding the tortured style of vocals so unique in the style of the band. Soon the first album is published entitled “Beneath the Cursed Light of a Spectral Moon” in 1996 and from now on the rest is history.

Currently the band is  Impureh Ehiyeh doing vocal , guitars, synths, drums and Freak on bass / added effects and noise

The band plays few and selected shows since the visual aspect is as important as the sound itself, transforming each gig into a night ritual infestation that leave audiences frozen in horror, expectation and possessed, evoking all the forces of flesh indulgence, spiritual catharsis and lust. No show has been done without leaving a long lasting impression to the unsuspecting audience customized to regular and simplistic metal shows uninitiated to experimenting this kind of aural terror.

Having published albums, demos, splits, compilation releases, ep’s on all formats that varies from vinyl, seven inch vinyl, cassettes, CD’s and recently digital downloads on a big plethora of labels like Guttural Records, Winterreich Productions, Autopsy Kitchen, Distorted Harmony, Utterly Somber Creations,  De Umbris Productions, Darkness Shade Records, Gates of Hell Productions, Craneal Fracture just to name a few so by this moment you can realize this legion is not an unknown entity to maniacs that come from all over Europe, South America, Australia, USA and of course Mexico.

The band is currently promoting brand new material displaying the new era of the band. The style is heading towards a more ancient HEAVY METAL sound combined with the usual evil and grim ways Funereal Moon is very well known to display. This album was put out by Mexican label Locus Mortis Prods. and is out now. Heavy as Hell is the new beginning. 

The duo of Impure and Freak are also working on other outlets of sound directly and indirectly branching from Funereal Moon. These are Leteo, Ehiyeh and Zombie Road. Each one with a distict sound and aura.

Also writting follow up from Heavy as Hell…..

Check out Encyclopedia Metallum for a comprehensive discography:

Currently the band is working in the upcoming release after the latest 2017 Heavy as Hell álbum

Discography (see metal archives for information on labels handling these titles)

In the Shadows (Demo 1994)

Silent Night of Full Moon Shine  (Demo 1995)

Beneath the Cursed Light of a Spectral Moo (Full-length 1996)

Advanced Tape(Demo 1997)

Grim… Evil…  (EP 1997)

De Natura Daemonium (EP 1997)

Lucifer’s Dagger  (EP 1999)

Taumogenesis   (Compilation 2003)

Luciferian Symphonies of Destruction – 10 Years of Audio Blasphemia (Compilation 2005)

Nocturnal Mass Celebration 1995 (Live album 2007)

Satan’s Beauty Obscenity (Compilation 2007)

Funereal Moon Is Dead (Compilation 2008)

From Darkness They Are (Split 2009)

15 Years of Demonic Possession  (Compilation 2009)

Ritos de Putrefaccion (Demo 2009)

Perpetual Image of Doom (Full-length 2009)

Rites of Black Putrefaction (Full-length 2010)

Alliance ov Darkness (Split 2011)

Evil Night of Heresy (Full-length 2011)

Goat of the Necro Abyss (EP 2011)

Obsession of Death (Demo 2012)

Rape of Holiness (Full-length 2012)

Forgotten Memories (Compilation 2013)

Endless Darkness (Split  2013)

Bringer of Evil (Full-length 2014)

A Real Werewolf Nightmares (Split 2014)

Rape Heresy & Goat Putrefaction (Compilation 2015)

Demo 2015 (Demo 2015)

Satanic Twilight and Elitism of War (Split 2016)

Songs of the Dead (Full-length 2016)
Doomed By Evil (Compilation 2016)
Live Ritual Circo Volador, Mexico City, 11-26-2016 (Live album 2017)
Heavy as Hell (Full-length 2017)



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